Andrei Juradowitch

Andrei Juradowitch is a Creative Director and Director. He has worked with leading design and production companies across Australia and the US, but his appetite for high-end projects that incorporate VFX, 3D and live-action components drew him to MPC Creative.


Andrei’s body of work ranges from the sophisticated and sleek to emotional, story-driven pieces with a strong visual sensibility. Working in multiple disciplines such as film, commercials, fashion, technology and experiential, he has collaborated on a vast array of projects for high profile clients including Sony Music, LG, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Gucci, GE, Depeche Mode and Zaha Hadid among many others. Most recently he directed the Kygo ‘Carry Me’ VR music video, which was unveiled by Sony Music’s CEO at the CES show, as well as a film for SF Motors which debuted at their prestigious EV car launch event.


A strong believer in a narrative-driven approach to design, Andrei brings a deep appreciation for design thinking to his work, drawing on influences from fine art, sculpture, film and photography.