MPC Creative formed from the notion that a complex, evolving landscape requires an intricate yet simple solution.

On the surface, MPC Creative is a boutique production company, seamlessly integrated within MPC: one of the most comprehensive and award-winning visual effects companies in the world. We direct, design, write, illustrate, edit, and animate. We could make pigs fly or hell freeze over if we wanted to.

But beneath the surface, we’re visual fabulists committed to original ideas that make people think and feel in precise, particular and peculiar ways. We don’t play fair. Our holistic approach to storytelling exploits technology, art, design, ideas, and emotion to meet our aims.

We infuse ideas with story and story with meaning. We are creative opportunists who believe that beautiful imagery is meaningless unless it influences, connives and grabs people when they least expect it.

MPC Creative is an intricate yet simple solution. Our ensemble of skills, our perfectionist neurosis, and embedded station within the world’s premiere visual effects studio, is the recipe for our unique DNA.

Our goal: to make challenging, purposeful work with integrity and passion.